Boulder Dash


This is a wild ride through the trees (ok woods), and is the only coaster to be actually built on a mountainside.  The coaster is integrated into the terrain, taking you on a journey that is fast and fun.  Once you have ridden Boulder Dash, you will know how it got its name, with the unexpected jogs in the layout, that are there to literally avoid the boulders jutting out from the mountainside.  As with any really great coaster, Dash delivers. There is plenty of air-time and lots of speed. The ride is a truly exhilarating experience in a unique setting that doesn\’t let up till you stop at the station.

Park Lake Compounce
Opened 5/21/2000
Designed by Custom Coasters International, Inc
Built by Larry Bill
Type Wood, Sit Down
Length, Drop, Speed 4725\’, 115\’, 60 mph
Modifications 2009-10 re-tracking and rework on the back side of the layout

Boulder Dash has consistently Scored High on the Golden ticket Awards . It has been rated in the top 5 for wooden roller coasters since 2001.