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Phobia Phear Coaster

  • It is the newest steel “big boy” class coaster the park operates.  It satisfies the desire for inversions and thrills that older patrons prefer.
Park Lake Compounce
Opened 2016
Designed by Premier Rides
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Type Steel – Sky Rocket II
Length, Drop, Speed 863 ft
Height: 150 ft
Inversions: 1
Speed: 62 mph
Elements: LSM Launch
In-Line Twist
Non Inverting Loop




This Vekoma boomerang is pretty typical of all its brethren, but fills a void at the Lake.  It is the only steel \”big boy\’ class coaster the park operates.  It satisfies the desire for inversions and thrills that older patrons prefer.\"\"

Park Lake Compounce
Opened 1997
Designed by Vekoma
Manufacturer Vekoma
Type Steel – Boomerang
Length, Drop, Speed 935\’, 925\’, 47 mph



\"\"The Wildcat is one of the oldest operating roller coasters in the country, that is still in its original location. It was built as the park\’s centerpiece, and to this day it still has a prominent presence. The core of the park has a distinct flow around it and it can be seen from just about everywhere.  The ride is pretty typical of a Golden era coaster, in that it will rattle you around and still give you a thrill.  Although the first drop is only 73 feet, it is deceptive because of its location on the hillside, giving you the illusion that it is higher than it really is.  There is a huge difference in the ride depending on your seating location The back is a lot rougher, and you will probably want to hang on so you don\’t get bruised.



Park Lake Compounce
Opened 1927
Designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck
Built by Dinn Corp
Type Wood, Sit down
Length, Drop, Speed 2746\’, 73.7\’, 48 mph
Other 1997-98 Retracked
2004 Final bunny hop retrack, seat dividers added
2007 Mag Brakes, queue gates, seatbelts