Wicked Cyclone Banners!

Today, May 24, 2015, is the official opening day for Wicked Cyclone, at
Six Flags New England!

To celebrate the opening, ACE New England is offering up a pair of Wicked
Cyclone banners generously donated by SFNE, for an online auction. Each
banner measures approximately 36″ x 59″.


This is a “highest and best” auction. Decide the highest bid you’d like
to offer for BOTH banners and email that bid to:

_rozana@aceonline.org_ (mailto:rozana@aceonline.org)

PLEASE put “Banners” in the subject line.


Your name
ACE membership number
Your bid amount
Your mailing address
Your phone number
Your email address

Bidding will end at midnight, May 31, and announcement of the winner and
winning bid amount will be made public on June 1.

Payment will be arranged with the winner after the auction has ended, and
will need to be made by check, money order or PayPal (sorry, no credit

Proceeds of the auction will be designated by the winner to go to the ACE
Preservation Fund, and/or ACE Archives, and/or National Roller Coaster
Museum and Archives (amount can be designated to any one, or spread among
three funds).

ACE Signers on Wicked Cyclone

Those who attended The Great Nor’Easter at SFNE on March 14 and
participated in the construction tour, all were offered to sign one of two pieces of
Cyclone wood. Those two pieces were to be placed ‘somewhere’ on Wicked

Many of us looked for them yesterday, scanning the structure, but they
were spotted in a very easily seen area. Although I took a photo of them, Jen
McGrath sent the photo attached below (which came out better than mine).

Wicked Cyclone is a LOT of fun, and if you were not able to attend media
day on the 20th, I hope you’ll get to the park very soon to take a ride!

Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
_rozana@ACEonline.org_ (mailto:rozana@ACEonline.org)
776 Coasters in 31 states and 15 countries
_www.ACENewEngland.org_ (http://www.acenewengland.org/)
_www.ACEonline.org_ (http://www.ACEonline.org)


Sent: 05/21/15 7:08:02 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: ACE Sign on Wicked Cyclone

Please note the pieces of wood ACE folks signed at Nor’easter was up
yesterday. The sign is located in the queue line as you come to the shaded
portion. If you look to the right wall you will see them proudly hanging. Just
wanted to be sure you pass it along.

Jennifer McGrath
Communications Manager
Six Flags New England
(413) 786-9300 X3358

Something Wicked this way … has Arrived !

(Agawam, MA, 15 May 2015)

Today a wicked awesome ride unveiled for the media and some roller coaster enthusiasts.  The ride is called “Wicked Cyclone” and it totally lives up to its namesake, and gives riders a wicked fast, wicked smooth, and wicket twisted ride.  There are many element that seemlessly meld from barrel rolls to the couple of unique outside banked (reverse banked) corners.  This ride will keep you guessing and totally enthralled through its 90+ second course.  Enough words… a few pictures should begin to tell the story….





Entertainment on the walk in


P5202457 P5202458



ACE members signed off on the ride during the annual ‘Great ‘Nor Easter’ in March

P5202467 P5202477 P5202478 P5202480 P5202481 P5202482 P5202488 P5202492 P5202498 P5202501 P5202503 P5202504 P5202506 P5202514 P5202517 P5202527 P5202545 P5202550

Event Reminder – Story Land!

ACE Day at Story Land, Glen, New Hampshire, will take place on Saturday,
June 13. Parking, admission, ERT on Roar-O-Saurus, buffet dinner, and more,
all for only $32 (guests of ACE members=$38).

Registration deadline is June 6, which is only 3 weeks away (and will be
here before you know it!)

Event flier is attached – and I hope to see you there!

See you in the queue,

Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
_rozana@ACEonline.org_ (mailto:rozana@ACEonline.org)
775 Coasters in 31 states and 15 countries
_www.ACENewEngland.org_ (http://www.acenewengland.org/)
_www.ACEonline.org_ (http://www.aceonline.org/)
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