All ACE members may sign up for membership access on the web site.

To Join ACE please go to and more information …

Joining ACE

Thank you for your interest in joining American Coaster Enthusiasts!

ACE memberships start at just $35 for an Associate membership which is a one-year membership. Full individual memberships are $70, slightly more for couple or family memberships (all amounts are in US dollars). Discounts are available for multi-year memberships. Members outside of the USA pay an additional fee for postage. Refer to the membership application for further details.

Important Information

While having fun at parks, please remember that ACE expects all of its members to conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on the club and to obey all of the parks\’ safety policies. Complete details are listed in our Code of Conduct. All prospective members should review our Code of Conduct before mailing a membership application.