Roller coasters made of Wood (wood class)

Yankee Cannonball

\"\"This classic Schmeck out and back coaster is a wonderful ride.  The park has maintained this ride impeccably, keeping it in tip top shape.  The ride itself varies, as does any ride on a wooden coaster from year to year. The park realizes this and preserves it as well as any place can.  This coaster exemplifies early relocation and preservation efforts, and is perhaps the first coaster to be relocated anywhere.
ACE New England salutes Canobie Lake Park and its maintenance crew for maintaining and preserving this historic treasure.

Park Canobie Lake Park
Opened (1930-1935*) 1936
Designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck
Built by Frank F. Hoover (supervisor)
Type Wood, Sit Down, L Shaped out and back
Length, Drop, Speed 2000\’,  63\’ 6\”, 35 mph
Modifications each section was shortened 6\” when it was moved
Other 1954, Lift hill rebuilt because of Hurricane  Carol

* This coaster, Originally named \”Roller Coaster\” and operated at Lakewood Park, in Waterbury Connecticut for 5 years before being relocated to its current location.  To this day, you can still see some of the original footers at Lakewood Park.



Park Funtown-Splashtown USA
Opened 1998
Designed by Dennis McNulty, Larry Bill
Built by Custom Coasters Inc
Type Wood
Length, Drop, Speed 2700\’, 88\’, 55 mph
Other 2010/11 Retracked


Wooden Warrior

The Wooden Warrior is a fun filled family coaster.  Although designed for kids of all aged, and as younger childrens first coaster, it is perhaps really for the braver children.  The coaster may be small in size, but delivers big on thrills, showing us all that skillful design can make even a smaller coaster fun filled and thrill packed.\"\"

Park Quassy Amusement Park
Opened 2011
Designed by Gravity Group
Built by
Type Wood,Si tdown
Length, Drop, Speed 1200\’, 35\’,35 mph
Other Banked corner Tunnel

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\"\"The Wildcat is one of the oldest operating roller coasters in the country, that is still in its original location. It was built as the park\’s centerpiece, and to this day it still has a prominent presence. The core of the park has a distinct flow around it and it can be seen from just about everywhere.  The ride is pretty typical of a Golden era coaster, in that it will rattle you around and still give you a thrill.  Although the first drop is only 73 feet, it is deceptive because of its location on the hillside, giving you the illusion that it is higher than it really is.  There is a huge difference in the ride depending on your seating location The back is a lot rougher, and you will probably want to hang on so you don\’t get bruised.



Park Lake Compounce
Opened 1927
Designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck
Built by Dinn Corp
Type Wood, Sit down
Length, Drop, Speed 2746\’, 73.7\’, 48 mph
Other 1997-98 Retracked
2004 Final bunny hop retrack, seat dividers added
2007 Mag Brakes, queue gates, seatbelts