Safety Policy & Info (SAFETY FIRST!)

Please take note of the following policy that ACE New England will follow all Regional events, as taken from our national ACE Code of Conduct:

* Members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts are expected to abide by a code of conduct to ensure ACE is always represented in a positive manner. Members (and their guests) attending ACE events should be aware their behavior impacts ACE\’s reputation. Members found to be in violation of this code are subject to ACE\’s Disciplinary Procedures and may receive a warning, have their membership suspended or terminated.

* Members are to set a positive example for other park patrons, follow all park policies and rules, and conduct themselves in a polite, courteous and safe manner. This includes: regulations regarding line-jumping; use of seatbelts, lap bars, shoulder harnesses, and other safety restraints; seat selection; and taking cameras on rides.

* Members must not ask ride operators or management staff for any rule exceptions or special favors not ordinarily granted to park patrons.

* At selected events non-members are permitted to attend as guests of ACE members. At all times the policies described herein will be applicable to these guests and their behavior and conduct will be the responsibility of the hosting ACE member.

* Misbehavior at an ACE event or a park; detrimental conduct threatening ACE, its property or reputation; or a violation of the Constitution and Bylaws is a violation of this code.

Unfortunately it has come to the attention of others the unsafe and often illegal actions of a few coaster enthusiasts who willfully circumvent the safety systems on amusement park rides to either delete or minimize the use or effectiveness of safety devices such as lap bars and seat belts; along with taking foreign objects such as cameras on ride when against park policies.

Several of these incidents have taken place during a limited number of events conducted in association with coaster and amusement park groups. However, this is not in the spirit of ACE and may jeopardize future events.

Please obey all policies and rules during your time in the park, including our event\’s ERT sessions and other special activities. Thank you for your cooperation in helping insure that everyone enjoys a safe and fun time.