Funtown Splashtown USA Announcement

This is great news!  After not opening for the 2020 season, Funtown
Splashtown USA will open again in 2021!

Below is a cut-and-paste from their Facebook page.  We look forward to
the announcement of their opening day!

Greetings from the park!!!

We hope that this message finds you, and those closest to you, healthy,
well, and remaining safe and diligent. When we last communicated at any
length, almost one full year ago, it was with a very heavy heart that we
were announcing Funtown Splashtown

USA would be closed for the summer of 2020. Since that day, so much has
changed in the World, while so many things remain the same. It has
certainly been a long, strange, year for us all. Things once seemingly
unimaginable, such as mask wearing in public, and the constant washing
and disinfecting of your hands, are now commonplace. The term “social
distancing” was not even in our vocabulary, let alone being practiced as
the norm. ZOOM was nothing more than a comic book verb, and is now the
most used form of communication across the internet. And of course,
nothing has been more impacted in our daily lives than where we work and
learn. At home schooling, and office spaces created in our dwellings,
have changed everything. We miss our friends, classmates, and
co-workers, and long for social interactions and some sense of
“normalcy” to return to our daily routines. It is with all of this in
mind, that we are so excited to announce that Funtown Splashtown USA
plans on opening for the summer of 2021 season!!!

Yes. We are planning on opening and can’t wait to see all of our loyal
guests, friends, and Team Members!! Just like the World today, things
will be a little different this summer at the park, but the safe, clean,
family fun you have grown to know and love for almost 6 decades will be
right here in sunny Saco, Maine!!

At this point in time, we have submitted our comprehensive reopening
plan for the COVID environment, to The State for review and approval.
New policies and procedures, all related to the virus, have been crafted
with a sharp focus on the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention. Along with the CDC, we are in constant contact
with both the International Association of Amusement Parks and
Attractions, as well as the New England Association of Amusement Parks
and Attractions, leaders in our industry who have provided guidance on
the health, safety, and satisfaction of attractions guests for decades.
These three entities, as well as the many years of leadership and
experience within our own company, have allowed us to craft a plan that
focuses not only on the health and safety of our guests and Team
Members, but also on continuing to provide an outstanding day of fun for
family members of all ages, as we all “Create Memories That Will Last A

As mentioned, and expected, things will be somewhat different when we
open the gates for operations this summer. All of the protocols we are
following in our current daily lives will be in play, with mask wearing
being mandatory, social distancing marks on the tar and concrete in
queue lines, and hand sanitizing stations located throughout the park.
Then there will be those things that are exclusive to us and our
environment. Empty seats on some rides may be required, to provide
proper distancing. Less lounge chairs will be available in Splashtown,
along with more space between picnic tables in both parks, with this
same reasoning. Those days will be lesser than in the past, as we will
be open fewer days in May and June, and have more limited hours
throughout the summer, than traditionally scheduled. All of these things
and more will be in play, so that you and your families and friends can
feel confident and secure that Funtown Splashtown USA is doing
everything we can to keep everyone that enters the park, safe and well.
Of course, as time moves forward and State of Maine mandates and
protocols are adjusted or eliminated, the park will follow suit. We will
always look to both the National and Maine State Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention for guidance, as well as interpretation and
understanding of any guideline changes.

We can’t wait to see you, and for you to see us!! While there were only
a handful of us working throughout the summer, we were able to
accomplish a lot. New and updated paint and stain schemes run throughout
the park. Fence repair, tree and limb removal, refreshed signage,
building repair, shingle replacement, and so much more kept us very
busy. Of course, we have NEVER had an entire summer to do only these
types of projects, and we really hope it shows and that you love it as
much as we all do.

Over the course of the next several weeks, things here at the park will
begin to take shape for the upcoming 2021 season. Our fulltime
maintenance crew will be returning from their furlough next week, and we
can’t wait to see and hear the hustle and bustle of spring in the park
begin. Operations and HR staff will also start the seasonal hiring
process in earnest, and we hope that if you, or anyone you may know, are
looking for a fun, upbeat summer job, in an outdoor open air
environment, you will think about joining our team by applying with us.
These springtime activities, and so much more, will really begin to give
us all the feeling that normalcy will return sooner rather than later,
and we can’t wait!!

In closing, we all understand that this is an extremely fluid situation.
We will be updating our website,
, over the next few days. Our calendar, with days of operations as well
as our scheduled daily hours, will be in place. Again, these dates and
hours reflect the situation as it stands today, and are subject to
change as time moves forward and things become more clear. The website
update will also include a quick link to our online application, for you
or any great candidate that may wish to be a part of our team this
summer. In the weeks that follow, look there, as well as to our social
media accounts, for updates regarding everything else you’ll need to
know when planning your day at the park. We so look forward to seeing
you all, and wish everyone health and happiness until that time. Take
care, be well, and we hope to see you soon!!!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts <>

/1,012 coasters ridden in 33 states and 20 countries/ <> <>