Significant New England Park and Roller Coaster Anniversaries

Hi All!

As you may already know, ACE is highlighting parks and roller coasters
that are celebrating significant historical anniversaries in 2021 with a
feature on ACE360.

Two of those anniversaries this year are Lake Compounce (175 years) and
/Thunderbolt/, at Six Flags New England (80 years).

There are two ways that you can help with recognizing those anniversaries:

1 – We are looking for ACE members, from any region, to share memories
about Lake Compounce or/Thunderbolt/ that stands out to them, and/or
pictures of themselves visiting.  Anyone with something to share can
submit it via this link:

2 – We are looking for anyone that is passionate about the Lake
Compounce history or /Thunderbolt /that they may be interested in
writing about either. The deadline would be March 1st for both articles
and they would be published during the month of March on ACE360.

There are no rules to the length of the article.  What we’re seeking is
a write up that highlights why the park and coasters are special, what
sets them apart and, if applicable, that the article highlights ACE’s
contribution to its continued operation.

For those who think, “I have an idea for an article, but I’m not a good
writer.” Not to worry, for your submission can be edited by the
communications team.  Even with just a list of bullet points/content; it
can be enhanced for you.

The intended audience is not necessarily coaster enthusiasts, but a
casual, curious reader – so imagine an article more like what _USA
Today_ or a local newspaper would write.  ACE Communications Director
Elizabeth Ringas is hoping to get ACE360 stories  picked up by Google
News trends and other similar services so we can get some free
advertising/exposure, so your article could possibly reach quite a wide

Thank you for your help to feature these two anniversary celebrations!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts <>

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