ACE Screeems At Canobie – update

I know we’re all watching the long-range weather forecast for Sunday’s
event (and at present, it isn’t promising).

I was in contact with the park today, asking “what if”. The reply:
“… a decision would be made either the day before or the day of by about
10 am if the park is not going to open. It’s not an exact science and
weather has been horrible. In the event it isn’t possible to hold [the
event] we could rain date it to Sunday the 22nd or 29th. Let’s get further
towards the weekend then we can talk about options.”

So please bear with Mother Nature’s whims. If you’ve registered, your
registration is good for whenever the event takes place. If the date
changes and you’re not available on the new date, refunds will be issued.

If the 15th doesn’t happen, we’ll open up the registration for the new date.

Stay tuned for further updates and thanks for your patience.

See you in the queue,


*Rus Ozana*
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts <> <>

*1,057 coasters ridden in 33 states and 20 countries* <>