National Roller Coaster Day

*Tuesday, August 16, is National Roller Coaster Day!*
[image: Natl RC Day.jpg]

If you’re available, and have no other plans, please feel free to join me
at Six Flags New England! I’ll be in front of the new logo sign and plan
to enter the park right at the 11 a.m. opening.

I have a couple of ‘exit passes’ I can share, so if the park is too busy,
waits could be shorter (they’re good for up to 4 people per pass).

This is just an informal visit,,, you need to pay for your own parking and
admission, and no ERT or meals are included.

*If you can make it, please reply to this email so I can watch for your
arrival. * (And feel free to visit any other park is SFNE isn’t convenient
to you!)

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

*1,040 coasters ridden in 33 states and 20 countries* <> <>