Fwd: ACEers Visit Edaville

I’m often asked if there could be a regional ACE event at Edaville Family
Theme Park. I’ve looked into holding an event there in the past, learning
that the park cannot logistically handle a typical ACE event (ERT, picnic
gathering, door prizes, raffles, etc.)

At Nor’Easter last month, the topic was again raised and I offered that
while a visit *was* warranted, for now it wouldn’t be a regional ‘event’,
just a date to be chosen where ACEers from all around the region could be
there on the same day. Those in attendance applauded the idea.

Well, an opportunity has presented itself that certainly can’t be ignored.
Until March 31, 2019, there is a BOGO offer for date-specific tickets – Buy
One, Get One free!

Soooooo, I’m proposing the date of Saturday, May 25, 2019 for ACEers (and
their family/friends) to visit and enjoy the park and all its offerings.
(Since it’s not an ACE event, you may bring as many family members and
friends as you’d like)

There will be no ACE registration for this day, nor will there be a group
picnic or ride session. But that doesn’t mean we cannot do ‘independent
take-overs’ of the various rides, and when hungry, you can get food for
purchase at the dining location of your choice.

I was in touch with the park just this morning about the status of
*Kersplash*. The email response stated, “*We are working out a plan for
Kersplash. We will announce when we are close.*” I was hoping for a more
definitive answer, but the park has never been very definitive providing
information on that ride.

To take advantage of the BOGO offer:

Buy One Get One FREE

Date-Specific Tickets

Online Only.

BOGO Directions:


Offer valid 3/1/2019-3/31/2019 @ 11:59PM

1. Purchase Date-Specific Online Tickets only by clicking here

2. Guest must have the number of tickets NEEDED in cart (please note: extra
tickets will not be sent separately, if guest needs 4 tickets place 4
tickets in cart)

3. Guest must purchase tickets in multiples of 2 (if you need an odd number
of tickets, please purchase the single ticket separately)

4. Enter Promo Code BOGO in Promo Code Box

Restrictions apply, Not valid on Saturdays in December, cannot be combined
with any other offers. Subject to change without notice.

Hope you can join in for a day of fun!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

*966 Coasters ridden in 33 states and 20 countries*

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