Big request/favor?

Dave Jackson, ACE member from Cincinnati, OH posted the following to the
ACE New England Facebook page. I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I
share his post with you.

*OK. Got a question for all the ACE members out there. Convention is in
southern California this year. Emery Picotte is the Photo Contest Director,
and I always assist him with the contest. Emery (as you already know) lives
in Rhode island. I, as you should know by now, live in Cincinnati, OH.
Right now, we have been having preliminary conversations about how to get
to the convention, and how to get the photo contest materials to southern
California. Is it possible, by some extreme miracle, that the materials
might be able to find their way to Cincinnati before June 18th? I realize
this would take an extreme amount of planning and execution on the part of
a whole lot of people. Perhaps someone could take them to opening day at
Knobel’s, pass them on to someone who is planning on coming to Coasterstock
at King’s Island? Or perhaps Coastermania at Cedar Point, where they could
be passed to someone coming south to King’s Island? I should be able to get
them to California. (should) Like I said, preliminary planning, but we
would need to know as soon as possible so travel plans can be made. Thanks
for reading through this, and thanks for any help you might be able to give
or suggest.*

Anyone who might be able to assist in Dave’s request – please contact Emery
Picotte at, or Dave Jackson at

Thanks in advance!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
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American Coaster Enthusiasts

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