[Fwd: January Roller Coaster Riding?]

Greetings, All!

Yeah, it’s winter in New England,
which means no roller coaster riding.

Or does it?

We do have an operating roller coaster during winter in New
England! Fun
World, in Nashua, NH has an Orient Express, on which
adults may ride
unaccompanied by a child.

I’m thinking
about an informal gathering on the afternoon of Saturday,
17, 2015. There’s no general admission charge, and you pay only for
the ride/s you want.

If you are interested in joining in for
a ride or two, please reply to
this e-mail. Once I gauge general
interest, I can make arrangements with the
facility to accommodate

Anybody? Anybody?

See you in the

Rus Ozana
New England Regional
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