ACE Event Survey

Hi all,

In the course of speaking with one of our regional parks today, I was asked
a question that I thought would be good to use as a poll for our regional

During an ACE event (be it regional or national), we are offered the
standard perks: exclusive ride time (ERT) on roller coasters, a meal (or two, or
three), and if available, preferred seating at shows. Parks have also
offered behind-the-scenes tours of the coasters and other rides, and sometimes
discounts on merchandise purchased in the park as well.

The question: What other “perk” would you like to see a park offer to us?

There is no right, wrong, too small or too big an answer. Let me know
your thoughts on this by responding to this email. There is no deadline for a
reply, but please reply by this coming weekend if you have an answer to


See you in the queue,

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