ACE Day at The Great Escape

Just Announced by New York Regional Rep Wade Abbott:

_ACE Day at The Great Escape_
_Monday, May 26_ (
9:00am – 6:00pm

Flier coming soon!

For those folks going to LaRonde the day before… this is a great add on
to your trip!


Schedule (Subject to change):

8 AM – 9 AM: Check in.

9 AM – 10 AM: ERT on the Comet and the brand new Extreme Supernova (if it’
s open)

10 AM – 6 PM: Enjoy the Park. Ride some rides.

Noon- 6 PM: Hit the waterpark… if ya’ want. No extra cost.

Noon – 1 PM: Picnic. Chow down. Door prizes. Maybe more.

TBD: Possible Behind-the-scenes tour.


For admission, parking and picnic:
ACE Members: $45
ACE Members with season passes: $25
Guests of ACE members: $47
Guests of ACE members with season passes: $27

Both pre-registration and on-site registration will be accepted. We’re
trying to keep this event as flexible as possible.



Register at the front gate the day of the event. You can pick up your
tickets, parking passes, and wristbands for the picnic there.

You can pre-register and pay in advance by mailing in your registration to
Wade Abbott, but tickets will still need to be picked up the day of the

If you need to pick up parking passes, do not park in the main lot
initially. Instead, drive to the drop-off point, (on the east side of Route 9),
pick up your parking passes and then proceed to the main parking lot. It will
save you the cost of parking.