\"\"This sprawling megacoaster with over a mile of track is truly an exhilarating adventure.  From the 210 foot lift and its breathtaking 227 foot first drop (into a tunnel) you are off and running. That is just the beginning, the long drawn out hills provide huge air time. The top-hat style turn around and spaghetti bowl elements all contribute to the overall experience.  Although the synchronized sound is good, some believe that it actually detracts from the overall experience, as the needed headrest extensions for sound do limit visibility from all but the first seat.


Park Six Flags New England
Opened 2000 as Superman Ride of Steel
2010 , themed as Bizarro
Designed by Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Built by Intamin AG
Type Steel, Sit Down
Length, Drop, Speed 5400\’, 221\’,77 mph