3rd Annual Wooden Warrior Day

The 3rd Annual Wooden Warrior Day has been scheduled! See the information below from our friends at Quassy Amusement Park – and click on the link to register on-line. Early registrants (April 12 deadline) get a free commemorative tee shirt! Hope to see you there. Don\’t let this park-sponsored Wooden Warrior Day confuse you with the ACE Coaster Con add-on day (\”Pre-Con in Con-necticut\” – June 15, 2013), which will include both Quassy and Lake Compounce. They are two separate events. The pre-Con add-on day flier will be ready soon. Thanks! Rus Rus Ozana New England Regional Representative American Coaster Enthusiasts _rozana@ACEonline.org_ (mailto:rozana@ACEonline.org) 617-816-9943 National ACE address: 1100-H Brandywine Blvd Zanesville, OH 43701-7303 740-450-1560 _www.ACENewEngland.org_ (http://www.acenewengland.org/) _www.ACEonline.org_ (http://www.aceonline.org/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We\’ve Got Your Ticket To Ride Our Fantastic Roller Coaster! Third Annual Wooden Warrior Day At Quassy Amusement Park When Saturday May 4, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EDT _Add to Calendar_ (http: //r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rc2ZGM061SMOFT4-_7mvakmv0L6MInFys8nq162DWTwQyNLnEr-JVYFHDBJlqKnTsyCWMQeWSRfpl-VS-yjqfZj8GrE1oka18DVXud BJakOEnSxh-KoztfnFt99odxkWBppIwMPpr6VAZfw98sNQSJbs7aOA5p2rCZoPj5I8dDeKra6pDD ZsHnATMV0UdMQ9) Where Quassy Amusement Park Route 64 2132 Middlebury Road Middlebury, CT 06762 (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rc2ZGM061SMOFT4-_7mvakmv0L6MInFys8nq162DWTwQyNLnEr-JVYFHDBJlqKnTEIWrlPED9snHUTIcnDeOQLIiBz8yQx7lNafQjfNF6fLhPybPl2AhImm gtQMnCRvJcOplLih2-m_wAqtrKwSmQU8yuyt4KElMVuxnEhvB-eNPigg9CZ9Vuqid7bP-HGpL0Y2 aJsbQ4dzZ1EvMTnkSwg==) _Driving Directions_ (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rc2ZGM061SMOFT4-_7mvakmv0L6MInFys8nq162DWTwQyNLnEr-JVYFHDBJlqKnTEIWrlPED9sn HUTIcnDeOQLIiBz8yQx7lNafQjfNF6fLhPybPl2AhImmgtQMnCRvJcOplLih2-m_wAqtrKwSmQU8 yuyt4KElMVuxnEhvB-eNPigg9CZ9Vuqid7bP-HGpL0Y2aJsbQ4dzZ1EvMTnkSwg==) Dear Friends, It\’s Back! \’Wooden Warrior Day\’ returns to Quassy for the third consecutive year on Saturday, May 4, 2013. You\’re invited to attend, and one low price includes: * Exclusive \’Wooden Warrior\’ ride time 10 a.m. to noon * Great buffet lunch (private for registrants) noon to 2 p.m.; see complete menu below * Commemorative T-shirt * Free parking * All-day ride wristband, so you can enjoy the park\’s rides noon to 6 p.m. during normal operating hours. Price per person: $33.27 (includes CT sales tax) _Register Now!_ (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rc2ZGM061SMOFT4-_7mvakmv0L6MInFys8nq162DWTwQyNLnEr-JVYFHDBJlqKnTsyCWMQeWSRfpl-VS-yjqfZj8GrE1oka18DVXudBJ akOEnSxh-KoztfnFt99odxkW1zF1Mh0SxaXtS3p3hbJLspCfF6IcKuBvq53ylE4Pi5TN9M3vmh11 7i70e-2dph-7P_I0Y6mFie0UHRcRYy7jPVsdOCUO47bi) The menu: * hot dogs * hamburgers * cheeseburgers * veggie burgers * Italian sausage patty sandwiches * barbecued chicken * pene\’ al la vodka * cole slaw * tossed salad * sliced onions, tomatoes, lettuce * condiments * soda * juice * coffee * tea Auction during lunch to benefit ACE New England Sincerely, George Frantzis Quassy Amusement Park info@quassy.com 203-758-2913 Quassy\’s \’Wooden Warrior\’ is ranked among the top 50 wooden coasters in the world!