Seeking Six Flags New England (Riverside) \”Experts\”

Hi Everyone, The Six Flags chain of parks is seeking the help of ACE members in creating trivia questions about their local Six Flags park. (The purpose of this trivia will be revealed at a later date.) If you would like to participate, please reply to this e-mail and I\’ll send along a spreadsheet with sample questions. There is, unfortunately, a deadline to this request – I need your input back in my e-mail box by Monday, January 14. Thanks for your assistance! Rus Rus Ozana New England Regional Representative American Coaster Enthusiasts _rozana@ACEonline.org_ ( 617-816-9943 National ACE address: 1100-H Brandywine Blvd Zanesville, OH 43701-7303 740-450-1560 _www.ACENewEngland.org_ ( _www.ACEonline.org_ (