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Announced at Coaster Con XXXV, check out the outline below for the 2013
International Trip!


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ACE 2013 INTERNATIONAL TRIP ~ July 19 – August 3, 2013
ACE is planning a 2013 international trip to visit parks and fairs in
Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands. Members may choose to
participate in Week 1, Week 2 or both.
The list of top-notch and unique coasters (and coaster-like rides) at the
parks listed below includes two scenic railways (Hullámvasút and
Hochschaubahn), Freischütz, Sky Rider, Mammut, G\’sengte Sau, Expedition GeForce,
blue fire Megacoaster, Wodan Timbur Coaster, Silver Star, Euro Mir, Poseidon,
ringºracer, Heiße Fahrt, Troy, Booster Bike, Van Helsing\’s Factory, Black
Mamba, Winjas Fear and Winjas Force, Colorado Adventure, Devil\’s Mine, the
Trapper Slider alpine coaster, the Turbo-Drachen powered suspended ride,
Colossos, Krake, Schweizer Bobbahn, Fluch von Novgorod, Nessie
Superrollercoaster, Rasender Roland, Huracan, Drachenritt, El Toro and numerous
world-class traveling coasters and outrageous flat rides at the German fairs that one
would never see in the United States.
Information regarding pricing will be released soon.
Week 1
 Vidámpark, Budapest, Hungary
 Wiener Prater, Vienna, Austria*
 Bayern Park, Reisbach, Germany
 Skyline Park, Bad Wörishofen, Germany
 Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Cleebronn, Germany
 Holiday Park, Haßloch, Germany
 Europa Park, Rust, Germany
Week 2
 ringºwerk, Nürburg, Germany (if ringºracer is open) or Wild-und
Freizeitpark Klotten, Klotten, Germany (if it is not)
 Toverland, Sevenum, Netherlands
 Attendees will have the opportunity to visit Großte Kirmes am Rhein fun
fair in Düsseldorf*
 Movie Park Germany, Bottrop, Germany
 Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany
 Annakirmes funfair, Düren, Germany* or Fort Fun Abenteuerland,
Wasserfall, Germany & Potts Park, Minden, Germany
 Heide Park, Soltau, Germany
 Hansa Park, Sierksdorf, Germany
 Attendees will have the opportunity to visit Hamburg Sommerdom fun
 Belantis, Leipzig, Germany
 Freitzeitpark Plohn, Lengenfeld, Germany
* Not included in trip price. Attendees will have to pay for admission (if
any) and attractions themselves.