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Thunderbolt Work Continues

The work being done on the Thunderbolt seems pretty extensive.  not only from the station side upper deck, but also on the rear deck (after the first drop)

\"\"Even though the park is open, the work continues

\"\"And it is quite impressive in its scope

\"\" The basics are down, new ties laid, and ready for track.

ACE Salutes Six Flags for such an extensive and aggressive restoration project on this ACE Landmark Coaster.  This is the oldest continuously operating coaster in any of  the  Six Flags  parks.  We all are anticipating the reopening, and expect this to be another great example of preservation and reinvestment. This classic will continue to thrill generations to come.

Gotham City Gauntlet -OPEN-Media Day


Today marks the official opening of the 10th roller coaster at Six Flags New England.

The Ride is a Maurer Wild Mouse coaster , themed to match the DC comics Superheros theme of the area.


\"image\"Gotham City Transit station is the loading station for the ride



With the opening, media day there were many ACErs on hand to give it a whirl ( or a dozen +)




This coaster was originally located at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom property, where it was called \”Road Runner\”.  When that park closed the ride was dismantled, stored, and refurbished.

A big THANK YOU to Six Flags New England and the staff for inviting ACE New England members to join in the celebration.




Wooden Warrior – Testing

Leave it to the Gravity Group to do a Jr coaster that well is (take a look )

Not so Jr …

ACE Spring Conference, Impressions

Universal Studios, Florida 4-8-11 – 4-10-11

by: Josh Martins aka Dr Giggles

Myself, along with my brother and father joined the rest of fellow ACER\’s in this years Spring Conference in Orlando Florida. During the dinner Sat night Paul Blick, ACE Events Director,  had told everybody that 82 people were in attendance.  People from 19 states had joined in for the conference.


Friday started with us heading to Fun Spot USA which is directly next door to Old Town where registration was from 2- 4 PM.  At Fun Spot USA we went received all day wrist bands which included every single ride and go cart tracks except the Sky Coaster.

We had arrived around 11:00AM and even rode Screaming Eagle –  their new flyers ride.



At about 1:50 pm we drove over to Old Town although we could have walked  and found the ACE table.  We got our stuff for the weekend ahead, there also was a wristband for Old Town and a meal voucher for a place to eat and we had 3 choices. So with the double fisting of ride bracelets we headed off to see what Old Town had to offer with the wrist band.  It wasn\’t a lot but had some some offerings that I did enjoy myself which were the Wacky Worm Coaster along with Wind Storm.  Wind Storm actually had a surprising turn that gave ejector air time and was actually shocking, but a fun coaster.

They also had a carousel, scrambler and a couple kiddie rides in the section that we could use with the wrist band.  Many shops for all your shopping needs.  They also had a great haunted house called \” The Grim House\”, which cost $12.50 but was worth it.  I won\’t spoil any of the details in case people want to give it a try some day.



After all the fun there we decided to go back to Fun Spot USA to ride a few more go cart tracks and the 300 Ft Sky Coaster.

We finally gave this area a run for it and headed to Magical Midway which is home to the 400 ft Sling Shot & Star Flyer.  We bought the package for the sling shot for $75 for  2 riders, 2 t shirts & 1 DVD , but now they put it in a bracelet USB drive!!  Star Flyer cost $7 and were both worth every penny if you\’re looking for a thrill.   We then headed off to the hotel to get some sleep because ERT started at 7:30 AM the next morning.

Now here we are Saturday morning at Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure.  The Universal people were very nice to us and walked us to the Incredible Hulk.  Now I have never been on a coaster that half way through the lift hill it launches and goes into a barrel roll then down the hill into a loop and was actually amazing!   Universal puts a lot of theming into their rides including the express pass queue line.  After riding a few times I decided to take a break, then went back for a few more rides.   Then it was time to be walked to Spiderman for front of the line access .


Spiderman was another great ride and it is a must ride for anybody.   Its a 4-D Dark ride.

After this was over we were free to enjoy the day as dinner wasn\’t until 8:30 pm at the Double Tree Inn.   We decided let\’s run to Harry Potter since lines can get as high as over 100 minutes.


This by far is the best dark ride I have ever been on.  Universal did set the bar on theme rides with this one !!!   The queue line is fantastic with a lot of interaction taking place with paintings talking to each other and even original cast members from the movie seen walking around within a certain area of the queue.  Special FX at it\’s best!

Islands of Adventure has many great rides and of course with the help of the Express Pass unlimited we did both Universal Parks by  easily.

We  headed back to the hotel at 7:30 pm to get ready for the Pool and Dinner. Paul Blick said a few words thanking everyone for supporting this event as he worked his best to get everything we got for this event and honestly I think he did a terrific job.  He made announcement and reminders for up coming events and also announced that Coaster Con IIIVI in 2013 host site was none other than Six Flags New England.  The dinner was Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Mac \’N Cheese – best I ever had, lemonade and a few other items I can not remember at this time.

Most ACERS were either in the pool or the Hot Tub which after walking the park in 90 degrees, I took the Hot Tub option.

Sunday morning we were at the park for 7:15 am for a plaque presentation to Universal for having us at the park and hosting the event.





Now its off for Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, a coaster with a unique loop , music and a great layout with plenty or air time.




I ended up riding the coaster 10 times and I loved it more and more every time I rode it.  It had a decent selection of songs from many genres, along with hidden songs, if you knew the number of the song and how to access it through holding down the logo on the screen for ten seconds and then letting go, a key pad pops up.   After that  we were walked to Revenge of The Mummy for front of the line access in which they let us have more than one ride since there was a half hour still before the park opened and we were very grateful for it as well.  Once again we were let out into the wild as all events were done,  some people left to other destinations but we decided to get an express pass and do both parks again and enjoy Universal

The event was great and the parks are amazing and are all worth visiting.   I would go again if the event took place at that venue again. I will now leave you with some more pictures from the great trip.  Enjoy and thanks for reading !!!!