“Roller Coaster Race” at SFNE

With apologies…. I forgot to include the discount code if you register –

The 10% discount code for registering: ACE2014SFNE

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Subj: “Roller Coaster Race” at SFNE

Hi all,

You may have seen mention of this event on Facebook, or other social media
sites. I received the e-mail below, and it is included here for those
interested in participating.

A direct link for information on how to participate:


See you in the queue,
Rus Ozana
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> Hello,

> I’m the race director of the Roller Coaster Race, a nation series of
> events at amusement parks that include both running events and a Roller
> Coaster 5K where coaster riders have their rides tracked and they win a
> medal for riding a total distance of 5K throughout their day in the
> We recently had our first event in St Louis, worked with Jeff Mast and
> Heart of America group, and there was a lot of interest from coaster
> enthusiasts. This Autumn we have an event at Six Flags New England on
> 6-7. We’d love to be able to promote the event to your membership.
> Thanks!
> Adam
> —
> Adam Slate
> Director, Roller Coaster Race
> Phone (434) 951-8572
> Mobile (434) 906-8416
> Fax (434) 982-8716
> 218 West Water Street, Suite 400
> Charlottesville, VA 22902
> _www.rollercoasterrace.com
> _www.facebook.com/runorride
> _www.twitter.com/runorriderace