The 3/3/16 online chat Superman the Ride – seating choice

After last night’s online chat with Jennifer McGrath, I felt the responses
given with regard to seating choice on Superman the Ride was left unclear.

So I emailed Jen directly (our email exchange appears below) to learn that
when Superman opens with the park on April 9, no queue or row selection
changes will be made from previous years.

Once they implement the VR option, a decision will be made at that time
what, if any changes to seat selection will be made.

See you in the queue,

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Q. If my understanding of the online chat is correct, until the VR is
installed, the queue and seating choice on Superman remains the same as in the
past, where people choose their row. Correct?
A. Regarding queuing and seating, Superman the Ride will continue seat
selection as it has had in the past.
Q. Once the VR becomes activated, what is the plan for seating? Will
people still be able to choose their row, regardless of whether they want the
optional VR device?
A. As discussed, Superman the Ride Virtual Reality coaster will open this
summer and we will provide more information about the loading process as
we get closer.
Q. I totally understand that SFNE will continually monitor how it’s
working (or not working), but what is the plan for when the VR is first set in
place later this summer?
A. Several of our other properties will be premiering their Virtual
Reality coaster prior to ours. As always, we will look to our other parks for
best practices and will ensure we provide the best possible Virtual Reality
experience for our guests.

Something Wicked this way … has Arrived !

(Agawam, MA, 15 May 2015)

Today a wicked awesome ride unveiled for the media and some roller coaster enthusiasts.  The ride is called “Wicked Cyclone” and it totally lives up to its namesake, and gives riders a wicked fast, wicked smooth, and wicket twisted ride.  There are many element that seemlessly meld from barrel rolls to the couple of unique outside banked (reverse banked) corners.  This ride will keep you guessing and totally enthralled through its 90+ second course.  Enough words… a few pictures should begin to tell the story….





Entertainment on the walk in


P5202457 P5202458



ACE members signed off on the ride during the annual ‘Great ‘Nor Easter’ in March

P5202467 P5202477 P5202478 P5202480 P5202481 P5202482 P5202488 P5202492 P5202498 P5202501 P5202503 P5202504 P5202506 P5202514 P5202517 P5202527 P5202545 P5202550

New NewEngland Coaster

Coverage starts about 40 seconds in

And a nice Article from the Conway Daily Sun

CanobieLakePark: @YouDontWant_It We want you to go to Canobie too!

CanobieLakePark: @YouDontWant_It We want you to go to Canobie too!