Sally Dark Rides reveals details about “Haunted Hotel” attraction to debut
at Funtown Splashtown in 2023
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Today, live from the tradeshow floor of IAAPA Expo
2022, Sally Dark Rides, the globally recognized leader in creating family
dark rides and attractions, lifted the veil on its latest attraction. Sally
proudly shared details about the all-new Haunted Hotel – and the clever
conjuring – it is creating exclusively for Funtown Splashtown in Saco,

Set to open in 2023, Funtown Splashtown has partnered with Sally to add the
Whispering Pines Hotel to their property, which guests will quickly learn
is really the park’s Haunted Hotel dark ride attraction.

“We are really excited to work with Funtown Splashtown,” shared John Wood,
Chairman and CEO of Sally Dark Rides. “Blending a magical, spooky theme
with our company’s interactive technology and unmatched theming allows us
to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that is both cursed and

“We are especially pleased to work with Funtown to deliver what we know
will be a beloved attraction to many of their guests. This classic, family
ride, complete with black-light style décor and theming is found in theme
parks all over the world and is a proven favorite with families due to its
ageless appeal and repeatability. For this special attraction, we have
created an original storyline that will only be found Funtown. And besides,
doesn’t every park need a good haunted house!”

Mystery, magic, and Sally’s masterful creativity all come together to bring
this latest ride to life. The star of the attraction, an incredibly
mesmerizing animatronic witch, has cast a spell on the hotel, which was
built on the land that was once her home. It will be up to Funtown’s guests
to help eradicate her and declare the place safe from her wicked ways and
evil charms.

“We have wanted to bring Sally’s ride magic to our park for quite some
time,” said William Cormier, Senior VP Funtown Splashtown. “We have heard
from our guests that they would love a haunted ride here at Funtown for
many years, so the idea of working with Sally to create our very own
Haunted Hotel excited us right away. We cannot wait to open it to our
guests next season. We are especially thrilled to see the ride’s star – the
wicked witch – casually cursing IAAPA Expo attendees this week. There is no
better way to unleash her spirit than right here.”

Four-passenger ride cars will mystically move guests through 14 scenes –
the rooms of the hotel – concluding with a final visit through an
otherworldly dimension. Guests of the Haunted Hotel will play a key role in
the story. The Hotel’s proprietor needs their help to save it from the
witch’s curse, and rescue three hapless hotel patrons. As they board the
custom ride vehicle, riders are asked to work alongside the professional
ghost hunter with their own “Curse Eradicator”. The latest in Sally’s
tradition of creating personal, interactive devices, the Curse Eradicators
puts the power of haunt-busting in the hands of guests. As they travel
seamlessly though each room, the Eradicators will be used to free the hotel
from the witch’s spell.

After weaving through rooms and creepy corridors of the hotel, the
attraction’s final scene will challenge the riders to work together to
rescue the lost hotel guests from the witch’s diabolical Dimension X. “We
knew we had to bring our new witch with us to IAAPA Expo,” Lauren Weaver of
Sally Dark Rides continued, “We always love to bring something new, unique,
and eye-catching to the show – and this character is no exception. This
week, she will spell-bind IAAPA Expo attendees, and next year, we will
unleash her on Funtown Splashtown.”

Sally Dark Rides is located at booth 2267 on the tradeshow floor of IAAPA
Expo. Attendees and media are invited to visit the booth to meet with
Sally’s team, see the star of Funtown Splashtown’s upcoming dark ride and
to learn more about what’s next for the company.


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