ACE New England has new Webiste

American Coaster Enthusiasts, New England Region has a new website, and web-master

First of all we want to thank Bob Bussier for his years of dedication as the ACE New England website web-master.  Because of personal reasons and time constraints, Bob needed to step down last fall.  There was an initial offer by another member to take over and it did not pan out.

At this year\’s \”Great Nor Easter\” I offered to take over the site and have feverishly been busy redesigning and moving things around to get a new site up and running.  A total rework was in order because of security and maintenance concerns, so a new site was born.

I hope that you think the site is pretty good and a lot easier to navigate.  Unfortunately, all the user information from the old site was not readily usable, so it will be necessary to register yourself with the new site.  Some of the content is still being flushed out, and will only improve over time.

The one thing that I would appreciate is some help.
There are narratives to write for the coaster and the park information pages.  I would like to have pictures for these pages that are overviews and/or unique shots showing the coaster and park entrances for the appropriate pages just to name a few.

Hope you Enjoy, and feedback is appreciated
..Your new Web-Master
Pete Flaherty