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March 31, 2011 News

Couple new things,

The Parks section has been updated to cross link to the coasters in them, the coasters and the parks are on individual posts, and categorized.  This will help in moving and or updating individual things, needing only to maintain a single stat sheet for each, and linking them on the back end by category
You can now sort the Coaster list by park (parallel page to the coasters page)
Hopefully everything is cross referenced properly

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I seriously need some help getting the park and coaster Narratives in place, as well as finishing up on the coaster stats, and getting at least 1 photo of the coaster, and also need same for the parks.


  • Coaster Stats and Narrative
  • Park Stats and Narratives
  • Collect Coaster Pictures for NE Coasters, hopefully overviews or shots showing their unique characteristics.
  • Collect Park photos (similar to above for coasters) Preferably showing the parks entrance, and possibly a shot of the parks map
  • Profile pictures for the reps pages

Volunteers welcome to help !

Your Webmaster
-Pete Flaherty