ACE / SFNE Holiday in the Park

If you’re planning to join those listed below for the December 2 visit to
Holiday in the Park at Six Flags New England, we’ll need to know by Monday!

Wade Abbott (and family)
Keith Ackerknecht and Amy & Hayden
Brandon Allan (and mom)
Cheri Armstrong & Bob, Oliver & Tim
Jason Bloom
John Boden
Melissa Casamassima
Christine Cobb
Scott Conley
Lindsay Coover
Bob Cornellier
Brian Coutu & Lisa, Bruce, Drew
Paul Daley
Alex Dangel
Peter Deschenes
Sammy Dick & Jason & Riley V.
Kyle Dragun
Rich Elie
Ann Feeley
Pete Flaherty & Marian
Kevin Fyffe
Jan Good
Jeff Graham & Leslie
Larry Hall & Tina
John Latino
Aj Lewis
Sylvia Louie
Jaime Lugo Jr
Kyle Majkowski
Scott Marks & Carter
Stephen Marshall & Justin
Clint Martin
John Maxwell & Lisa
Andy Mercik
Craig Miranda
Clint Martin
Rus Ozana
Frank Peters
Toni Picariello
Emery Picotte
Jason Pytka
Mayra Rodriguez
Mike Rutter
Cliff Sales & Judy & Nicholas
Nelson Schucht & Dad
Danny Schumann
Frank Snyder
Adam Torris
Deb Vanderpoel
Vinny Viola & Maryann & Vincent
Jeffrey Voelker
Richard Wannamaker
Sue Yekel & Rich

If you think you already sent in your RSVP, and you don’t see your name
above, please reply again.

The flier is attached with all the information. Hope to have you joining

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

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