2018 Regional Events
October 9, 2017 News

Hello, New England Regional Members!

As the 2017 coaster event season approaches a close (ugh), thoughts
naturally turn to what events are planned for 2018. In a word – none yet.
Even *The Great Nor’Easter* is up in the air.

That’s where *you* come in. I’m seeking your ideas and suggestions for
regional events. Since I became regional rep, I’ve organized 2-3 events
each year, and have tried to spread the events over the assorted parks
across the 6-state region, with events at various parks being held in
alternating years. Park sponsored events, such as Wooden Warrior Day at
Quassy, are not organized by me.

I’m open to suggestions for any park or recreation area that can
accommodate groups from 50 – 200. We’ve held events at:

Berkshire East Mountain Resort

Canobie Lake Park

Funtown Splashtown, USA

Lake Compounce

Quassy Amusement Park

Santa’s Village

Six Flags New England

Story Land

Also in the region,
not yet visited for various reasons:

Edaville USA

Palace Playland (last visited as part of Coaster Con in 2013, and a new
coaster coming in 2018)

York’s Animal Kingdom

The park or area doesn’t necessarily have to have a roller coaster. We’ve
even been snow tubing in the past!

You do not need to contact anyone yourself, just pass your idea(s) on to
me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this one
​ – I look forward to hearing from you​

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

*886 Coasters ridden in 33 states and 17 countries* <>