Lake Compounce Sky Ride
July 4, 2017 News

For those who have not yet already heard….
Sadly, the Sky Ride at Lake Compounce has closed. This was an internal
park management decision.
A long-time, ongoing, and constant concern regarding riders throwing
things from the ride (especially cigarettes – a serious fire threat), plus the
ability (or inability) of passengers to follow safety rules (e.g., The Gr
eat Escape’s recent incident) were the deciding factors (translation: You can’
t fix ‘stupid.’)
The Sky Ride has many fans, myself included. It’ provided a nice break
from the park when it’s crowded or the weather is especially hot, or even just
to ride it because it is there!
We can only hope that a future attraction that appeals to all will fill in
the area where the station now stands.
See you in the queue,

Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
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