You are invited to Phobia’s Media Night!

Hey ACE New England!!!!
It’s here!
Your invitation to Phobia’s Media Night! Actually, it’s more of a
late-afternoon-into-evening media event. May 4th, from 5 pm to 7 pm.
FIRST – You MUST be a current member of American Coaster Enthusiasts to
attend. NO guests will be permitted. If you have a non-ACE friend that would
like to attend with you, he/she must become an ACE member.
A 6-month trial membership is only $20 [they can join online at: at: ], and with all the other events coming up
within New England this summer, new members can attend at the ACE rate.
SECOND – No other rides will be operating during this media event.
THIRD – Absolutely no on-ride video or photography will be permitted.
As you will see on the invitation, between the hours of 3 pm to 5 pm,
media will receive exclusive access to the ride for photography and video. ACE
YouTube-ers and other ACEers with an on-line presence are included in this
‘media’ offering.
To attend you must RSVP no later than April 29 to Sara Frias via email:
_sfrias@lakecompounce.com_ (
There will be refreshments and other surprises available!
Hope to see you there!
Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
835 Coasters ridden in 31 states and 17 countries
_www.ACEonline.org_ (


Sent: 04/11/16 5:46:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: You are invited to Phobia’s Media Night!

The Lake Compounce staff is excited to introduce Phobia Phear Coaster on
the evening of Wednesday, May 4th to a very exclusive group before it is
unveiled to the public on May 7th, and you made the list!
Please RSVP to me by April 29th and come prepared to Phace your greatest
Looking forward to seeing you on May 4th!
Sara Frias – Director of Marketing

822 Lake Ave
Bristol, CT 06010
_SFrias@lakecompounce.com_ (