Six Flags New England Honors Donna Piper

Hi everyone,

No one can say that Donna Piper, ACE New England Assistant Regional Rep,
wasn’t enthusiastic about roller coasters or amusement parks. Her sudden
passing on September 6 is a loss felt not only among her friends and those
who just ‘knew who she was’, but the staff at our regional amusement parks as

She had a particular fondness for Six Flags New England, their coasters,
and their staff – in particular John Winkler, Pete Carmichael, Jennifer
Mance, Mike Cianciola and Melanie Smith.

Melanie arranged for a way to honor Donna, as she was just as special to
the staff of SFNE as they were to her. She had a plaque made, and it is
attached to a bench just outside the Group Sales building (where Melanie’s
office is located). The bench was set in place on October 27, and is
located to the left of the entrance, in the shade (Donna loved shade!) A photo
of the plaque is attached to this email, as I wanted to share it with the
regional members and her friends outside the region as well.

So next time you visit Six Flags New England, check out the bench, have a
seat, and remember Donna, and all the fun she had at SFNE.

See you in the queue,

Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
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