ACE Event Survey – Please reply

Hi everyone,

I know this is extremely premature, but some advance planning is necessary
for our 2016 event, ACE New England’s The Great Nor’Easter.

We had record attendance (200+) for the 2015 event held at Six Flags New
England, due in part to the anticipation and excitement surrounding Wicked

At the event, Lake Compounce General Manager Jerry Brick turned to me and
asked if our mid-winter event was going to be at his park next year. I
confirmed that it was “his turn”, if he’ll have us. He replied along the
lines of ‘where am I going to put all these people?’ (referring to the huge
crowd at SFNE that day). I told him – Don’t worry Jerry. ‘All these people’
are here because of the new roller coaster they (SFNE) are putting in this
year – and you’re not putting in a new roller coaster next year, so you have
nothing to worry about.

Of course, he knew what I didn’t at the time: Lake Compounce was, indeed,
getting a new coaster for 2016!

This email is a request from Jerry, to try to gauge attendance for an
event for which we don’t even have a date, though ‘the later the better’ is
preferred – probably one of the first couple of weekends in March 2016. If
attendance is larger than they can accommodate on site, an alternate facility
needs to be arranged.

Sooooooooooooooo…. if you believe you will/might probably attend The
Great Nor’Easter next year, please reply to this email.

Jerry and I will greatly appreciate it!


See you in the queue,

Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
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