Un-CONvention(al) gathering

From Josh Martins:

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I talked with the people in charge of banquet , due to it being short
notice they were not able to get some things I needed in place like wifi and a
place to set up, but starting tomorrow until Sunday I am going to be
uploading videos, pictures, etc on a constant basis on
Facebook.com/therealgroveshow & Facebook.com/SFNEOnline . It will not be live , but there will be
enough information to be talking about with all the fellow acers not at Con !
And pre and post con events . If you guys have certain things you want to
see let me know !


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Subj: Un-CONvention(al) gathering

Hi Gang,
Well the votes are mostly in and it seems that Thursday the 25th at Six
Flags New England is the place.
So we should meet up near the Flagpoles just outside the gates, just
before opening time, or at the Main Street Gazebo after the gates are open.
Remember this is an Unofficial event (fend for yourself, admission,
parking, food, etc.) so bring along whomever you want. This gathering is about
enjoying the day, and having fun, as well as socializing and making new
friends (bring your ACE cards along to pass out too)
As it stands now (because of our low confirmed numbers) we may be on our
own for watching the Banquet stream, so bring along you phones and/or
tablets so we can ‘Tune In’ in the early evening to Co-Celebrate with our peeps
at the Coaster-Con Banquet. I have been assured by Josh Martins (the Grove
Show host, and ACE member) that he will do his utmost to get the banquet
on-line for us, so we can still feel a part of the Convention, albeit in
spirit. [UPDATE: It is questionable that the banquet streaming will be
Regardless of that all, come on over on Thursday, to do some riding, have
some laughs and a fun time
If possible please rsvp to me [pjf at cape dot com ] so we have a general
idea of who’s interested/coming. Please include your email and cell # (in
case we miss meeting up early)
— Thank you, and see you in the queue
-Pete Flaherty
[ pjf at cape dot com ]
– webmaster –