ACE Signers on Wicked Cyclone

Those who attended The Great Nor’Easter at SFNE on March 14 and
participated in the construction tour, all were offered to sign one of two pieces of
Cyclone wood. Those two pieces were to be placed ‘somewhere’ on Wicked

Many of us looked for them yesterday, scanning the structure, but they
were spotted in a very easily seen area. Although I took a photo of them, Jen
McGrath sent the photo attached below (which came out better than mine).

Wicked Cyclone is a LOT of fun, and if you were not able to attend media
day on the 20th, I hope you’ll get to the park very soon to take a ride!

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Sent: 05/21/15 7:08:02 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: ACE Sign on Wicked Cyclone

Please note the pieces of wood ACE folks signed at Nor’easter was up
yesterday. The sign is located in the queue line as you come to the shaded
portion. If you look to the right wall you will see them proudly hanging. Just
wanted to be sure you pass it along.

Jennifer McGrath
Communications Manager
Six Flags New England
(413) 786-9300 X3358