ACE Day at Story Land and Berkshire East

Hi Everyone,

Story Land would love to have us back for another ACE Day, complete with
all-day admission, a meal, and ERT on Roar-O-Saurus.

If you are interested in attending an event at Story Land, please reply to
this email with your choice of the following dates:

June 6

June 13

Please do NOT respond if one of the above dates do not work for you, as
they are the only dates available. Also do not respond if you do not wish
to attend an event at Story Land.

If we get a good response rate and a date is chosen, details of the event
will be worked out with the park, and a flier will be sent out to everyone.


Berkshire East, Charlemont, MA (*Thunderbolt* mountain coaster) has also
expressed the desire to have us visit. A date of May 3 (the day after
Wooden Warrior Day) is under consideration. They are working on possible
offerings, and once I see what they come up with, I’ll share the info with
you to gauge interest in an ACE Day there.

Thank you!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

*772 Coasters in 31 states and 15 countries*