February 23, 2015 News




*At The Great Nor’Easter*

*Six Flags New England*

*March 14, 2015*

ACE members love to take photos of roller coasters while visiting amusement
parks. Well now is the chance to submit your favorites to share in a photo
contest – *open to New England ACEers only*! With just over 2 weeks before
The Great Nor’Easter takes place, you’ll want to choose your best photos
and have them ready for submission!

*Contest Rules:*

ACE members of Region 1 (New England states: Connecticut, Maine,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) may submit up to
three photos for the contest. Photos should be no smaller than 8 by 10, or
larger than 11 by 14 inches. Each photo must be roller coaster related,
must show an existing or defunct roller coaster, and must have been taken
by the entrant. *No on-ride photos will be accepted.*

Each photo needs to be in an envelope with the name of the person entering,
their ACE membership number, the name of the coaster and the park where the
coaster is located. Those wishing to submit photos must arrive by 9:30 to
allow for the photos to be registered and displayed. *NO photos will be
accepted after 10:00 a.m.*

Members who cannot attend who wish to submit photos may have another member
submit the photo for them, or they may mail their photo(s)* *by March 1*
to: Emery Picotte, 62 George Waterman Road, Johnston, RI 02919-2614.

The photos will be on display during the event. One ballot will be issued
to each attendee upon arrival, who will vote for their favorite photos.
Each photo with a first place vote will earn 3 points; each second place
vote will earn two points; each third place vote will earn one point. Only
one vote per photo will be permitted, or entire ballot will be invalidated.

Prizes will be awarded by popular ballots for 1st, 2nd and 3rd favorite

Winning photos, with the permission of the photographers, will be kept and
automatically entered in the ACE Coaster Con XXXVIII photo contest, being
held in June. Remaining photos will be returned at the end of the event.

*Entries submitted by mail must also include a self-addressed stamped
mailer with adequate postage for their return.

If you plan to attend The Great Nor’Easter (a copy of the flier is
attached), and if you haven’t done so already, please reply to this email *BY
MARCH 5* with the name, ACE # (or guest) and home town ​of each person

​Hope to see you there,,, along with some great photos​, too!

See you in the queue,


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

*772 Coasters in 31 states and 15 countries*

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