El Toro (SFGrAdv) is up and running!

Hi everyone,

Please see the e-mail below from ACE NJ Rep regarding Riding of the Bull
(September 7) and Seaside Hangover 2 at Casino Pier (September 8)

Any questions regarding the events should be directed to Bret at:
_newjerseyace@gmail.com_ (mailto:newjerseyace@gmail.com)


From: newjerseyace@gmail.com
Sent: 8/31/2013 12:44:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: The BULL is BACK! Riding OF The Bull (Cinco) It\’s not too late!

Pleas share with your region if you can. Postmark is today but online
registration is still Tuesday at 4:00 pm Thanks! Bret

Yes, that\’s right, El Toro is now up and running. Because of the amazing
work of Great Adventure we thought it would be great to extend the postmark
deadline till today, Sat. Aug 31st! Yes..today!
Online Registration will remain open till Tuesday at 4:00 pm
We would love to push it further but the holiday will not allow us. This
is your last chance to snail mail registration and join over 300 close
Let\’s go over what you get

Morning ERT on Nitro (Tanya Regan Tribute) and Batman the Ride
Amazing behind, under and between coaster tours. (bring those cameras!)
All you can eat Mexican Feast with unlimited soft drinks
Door prizes and lots of them!
A farewell to Rolling Thunder
1 1/2 hours of Epic evening ERT on El Toro

Here is the kicker
After our ERT, Great Adventure is allowing us to enjoy the park till
12:00am with the Fairgrounds group.
This is no charge to you. Great Adventure thought you might like to ride
every major attraction till 12:00am

Sunday Sept 8th
The very next day is Seaside Hangover 2 at Casino Pier. That\’s the pier
that was smashed by Superstorm Sandy. They lost their Star Jet coaster (which
everyone\’s seen in the ocean)
, as well as Musik Express, Stillwalk Manor (Haunted House), Safari Train,
Fun House, Centurfuge (indoor Scrambler), and Log Flume. They also lost
many controls, motors, ride chairs.
Casino Pier is Jersey Strong. Not only have the rebuild half the pier (so
far) they\’ve made it stronger with a better layout.
$15.00 gets you an all day and night wristband. You can ride till the pier
closes (and some do!)
You\’ll also get VIP of the Pier
ERT on at least 4 major rides including their coasters and the mighty
Superstorm (only one in the US)

Registration is strictly onsite. If you can\’t make the registration time
because the Bull beat you down, not to worry, you can see still register
after the registration time frame
Come show Casino Pier your support and grab some pizza, sausage and steak
sandwiches as well as Frozen Custard. Take in the sites and sounds that are
the Jersey Show.

Flier here: http://www.aceonline.org/fliers/SeaSideHangover2013.pdf

See you soon!
Bret Ulozas
ACE NJ Regional Rep