Riding Of The Bull – event update

See e-mail below regarding El Toro, and the Riding of the Bull event.


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New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts

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Subject: El Toro Status
From: \”Bret Ulozas\” <newjerseyace@gmail.com>

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Park officials have reached out to me. Here are the FACTS on El Toro

El Toro\’s lift motor has blown. It\’s not a meltdown. The motor is being
shipped to Maryland. If the it can be rebuilt, El Toro should run.

If a new motor is needed then it\’s done for the season. As a backup plan
the park has already set into motion replacement ERT as well as something
super special if it\’s determined that El Toro won\’t run for the event.

When we have the FACTS we will pass them to you.

That being said, let me remind everyone, you are getting the entire park
for the evening. This means you could get 20 Nitro night rides, an 11:30pm
Kinda Ka ride, a 10:30pm Ferris Wheel run, ride the Bumper Cars with your
friends or a Sky Screamer take over. How about a spin on Roller Thunder or
a spin on any one of the B&M coasters? If you have a season pass, you\’re
getting Private Park time, ERT on Nitro and Batman the Ride, ERT on El Toro
or a replacement coaster, amazing behind the scenes tours, a large amount
of door prizes and a meal for 22.00.

Also, ROTB Registration deadline has been extended to Friday, Aug 30th
for no good reason other than to give you more time.


Bret Ulozas

ACE NJ Regional Rep