Wildcat getting some Love

-Lake Compounce, Bristol CT.
– August 25 2012

-P Flaherty

The ACE Landmark , Historic Wildcat roller coaster is currently down for the remainder of the season.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the park has plans to reconstruct and update the structure and tracking on this classic coaster.

It appears that the entire turnaround as well as the first drop is going to be replaced. It was cited that the coaster was in need of some structural shoring up to insure that it remains the parks centerpiece for a long time to come.


So from the first drop, out , and around to the area where the return comes to ground level will be replaced in its entirety. This will be done from the ground up, new footers and current structural bents and uprights will replace this part of the ride, and is one of the first steps in the parks plans for the rides overall rehabilitation.

In addition to the extensive structural work, the park is also looking into acquiring new trains for the ride, and has several quotes out to manufacturers.

So come next season we all should be able to ride the Wildcat once again, and it should have a lot better ride for all.