A Load of ACE, a Ton of Bull, then a Hangover

Jackson, NJ
– Pete Flaherty

A Ton of Bull
This year\’s Riding of the Bull (ROTB) was a great ACE New Jersy event put on at Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGA) .


Well, the weather was not cooperative for a \’perfect\’ day, but that kept crowds down, and lines short. Registration was a prelude to the way the day would go, starting out as a nice day, with open air registration… then interrupted by a down pour …

At the start the day, we had some ERT on Nitro !   What what a way to wake up and shake the cobwebs loose…..  There was plenty of things to do. There were several walk back tours of \’Batman and Nitro\”, \”Kingda Ka, and El Toro\” as well as \”Park History\” Tours running throughout the day.\"\"

From 3-5 in the afternoon we were treated to a Mexican feast of tasty tidbits with plenty of door prizes.


The weather did not hinder anyone, at times it was wet through the afternoon and evening, but everyone seemed to be ready and made the best of it.  The one good thing about this was that lines were short for all the rides, and most of the coasters were near walk-ons.  Needless to say, a lot of riding was had by all !

Evening came, and so did the rains, it was a concern that ERT on El Toro may need to be canceled… alas the weather mostly held out for the 2 hours.  There were some periods of light rain (we know how that feels on a coaster), but not awful. El Toro was running like greased lightning with the wet track, and absolutely flew its course.  It actually seemed to run smoother and more fluid (no pun intended) than usual.  A lot of riding was had, despite that there was only one train running (the other seemed to be in the process of being repaired, and sat idle on the transfer track…  None the less, there was rarely more than a train\’s wait for the next round.    For the most part ERT was relatively dry, and unquestionably fun.


…and a Hangover ?
– Seaside Heights, NJ


Well not exactly a hangover in the way you think, more like hanging out on the boardwalk over the Atlantic on the Jersey Shore, and enjoying coasters and amusements. Before I go on, yes, this is the famous/infamous \’Jersey Shore\’ location of the MTV show. We didn\’t see Snookie and weren\’t there for the fame. We were however there for the rides and atmosphere. This was a great way to wind down from the great and busy day at SFGA (no bull).


This was an add-on day to the ROTB event, and in itself was a lot more relaxed and self paced. The location is really great, on the Shore, with a great boardwalk , ocean breezes, and a really surprising collection of rides.\"\"
The primary location, Casino Pier, is a modest size park over the water. It sports several coasters and a good assortment of other attractions. One of my favorites is Stillwalk Manor, an indoor dark ride, located at the end of the pier.

Casino Pier was a very generous and gracious host. They opened up early for us, and had the coasters up and running for us as well as a behind-the-scene walk through tour of Stillwalk Manor.  The pier sports a modestest, but fun assortment of classic flat rides, that are run the way they\’re supposed to be. For example, the Music Express, and the Centrifuge (indoor scrambler with sound/light show) were both amazing. Ride operators obviously enjoy what they are doing… the cycles were long, and occasionally extended…


A short walk along the boardwalk brings us to another nice little park called \’Funtown Pier\’ a smattering of rides, and a little scary, but wholly fun and functonal \’looping coaster\’ right there at the end of the pier over looking the Atlantic. A fun classic bullet mouse, a family coaster and a kiddie \’serpent\’ coaster (this was not part of the add-on, so we ere on our own ).


They have a new Haunted House this year, and is well worth the look .. Well done !

For meals we were left to fend for ourselves, but being on the boardwalk, the most difficult decision was what to eat.  So many choices, a beautiful day, made this add on a nice finishing touch to the weekend.