Untamed – A New Canobie Classic – OPEN

Canobie Lake Park, Salem NH,

Today (Sat June 11 ) was a great day, although the weather was less than optimal. Canobie Lake Park opened it\’s latest addition, a new coaster named Untamed.  \"2011-06-11-10-36-23\"The naming and theming is perfect. From the custom grisly bear fronts on the cars, the unique rustic looking station, and the overall theming are a perfect fit for Canobie.  This compact Euro Fighter sports a forest green track with a nice birch bark paint job on all its supports. The station is a bear themed and lodge inspired structure that gives you the feeling of stepping into a deep forest hunting location. The detail is quite enchanting giving riders a lot of diversion to look at , the chandeliers of antlers, the stuffed bear on the wall, and the many bear cub carvings make it all say that you are in bear country. \"\" But the detail continues beyond that, the railings are latticed with branches and even the walkway in the queue line has subtleties, like wood grained edging stones that look like someone framed the stepping path with 4×4\’s driven into the ground.  The ride area is landscaped very well, though new, the additional trees and shrubs will only enhance the rides appeal as they all mature.\"\"

The ride is fast paced once you climb the initial completely vertical lift.  You will find just about all the elements that you would expect from a modern coaster.  The initial drop of 95 degrees hurls you into a complete loop followed up with a top hat, a vertical roll, and a mild spiral all in the compact layout.\"\"

Expect this coaster to draw some attention from park goers, as with all the elements and a very smooth quiet ride it is sure to draw crowds of thrill seekers.

Canobie has a winner with this new addition, and because of the strict restrictions and neighborhood concerns I can not see how anybody could complain about this very quiet (except for joyfully screaming patrons) ride.