Wooden Warrior …. WOW!!!

Quassy Amusement (Middlebury, CT) Park had an event last Saturday and ACE was invited for a day of celebration and appreciation for their new Woodie, the Wooden Warrior.\"\"

Standing at 35 feet tall this not so intimidating woodie is a game changer in coaster field.  While designed as a \’family friendly ride\’ it still has all the elements that you would expect from a Gravity Group coaster…. Including 6-9 (seat and weight dependent) pops of exhilarating \’air time\’.  As one of the owners explained that it was supposed to be for children of all ages, and it is – but only for \’braver children\’ as the ride has exceeded everyone\’s expectations !\"\"

Although not statistically high, or exceedingly big, this coaster raises the bar on what a fun family coaster can be.  It just goes to show us all that size doesn\’t matter, its how the artful execution and engineering is done, that defines a ride\’s appeal. On top of all that it is very re-rideable, bordering on the addictive.

A huge Plus is is the new Gravity Craft trains, they can accommodate everyone in the family from the smallest (42\”,with adult and 48\” to ride alone,height minimum)  to heavier riders (up to 54\” waist) so everyone can ride.


The train is articulated with comfortable seating.  They navigate the coasters layout with grace, ease and comfort.  Train loading and unloading are fast because of the innovative restraint system, giving the coaster a decent throughput.

\"\"All the ACE members that attended gave this new coaster high marks.  It is a fun, rambunctious ride with all the elements packed into a smaller (in size) coaster, that does not disappoint, or sacrifice  even for the most avid enthusiasts.

Well done Quassy, now the competition has something to worry about !