Six Flags NE Thunderbolt OPEN

I had my doubts with Six Flags New Englands efforts to do some partial re-tracking of the Thunderbolt.  I had the opportunity to give it a spin last Sunday (mothers day) and was pleasantly surprised at the end result.


The ride has been smoothed considerably while maintaining the classic characteristics of this old woodie.  The re-tracking was done in the classic style (thank goodness) and was done very well !

I stand corrected there was only one train, I must have been really tired… 

Now she more closely resembles the ride I experienced as a child, when this classic was a big and intimidating monster to be conquered (over and over and over again).

Two thumbs up to Six Flags for recognizing and preserving this gem, now a little (ok maybe more than a little) paint job and she\’ll be as looking good as she\’s running.