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ACE International Trip – 2017

ACE is going to Mexico!

The posting below is from the ACE Facebook page:

_American Coaster Enthusiasts_
(www.facebook.com/AmericanCoasterEnthusiasts/) shared a _page_
(www.facebook.com/LaFeriaDeChapultepec/) .

_13 mins_
(www.facebook.com/AmericanCoasterEnthusiasts/posts/10153723427288145) · (www.facebook.com/AmericanCoasterEnthusiasts/#)

How would you like to visit _La Feria de Chapultepec_
(www.facebook.com/LaFeriaDeChapultepec/) , _Six Flags Mexico_
(www.facebook.com/sixflagsmexico/) and other parks around _Mexico City, Mexico_
(www.facebook.com/pages/Mexico-City-Mexico/114897945188014) in the company of
other coaster enthusiasts? If the answer is “yes,” then you’re in luck, as
ACE will keep its next international trip on its home continent as it
plans a trip to Mexico City for 2017. We’ll provide more details as they become
available. ACE’s next overseas international trip will take place in 2018,
at a yet-to-be determined location.

ACE International Trips

From the ACE Facebook page:


_American Coaster Enthusiasts_

_1 hr_
(www.facebook.com/events/290437197830443/permalink/439432022930959/?ref=1&action_history=null) ·

Attention International Travelers! Check out ACE’s main Facebook page
later today shortly after 12 noon eastern time for an announcement of ACE’s
next international trip!

And for those without Facebook – I’ll pass on the information in an email

See you in the queue,

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