Daily Archives: June 22, 2015

UN-CONvention(al) gathering:

A message for all members NOT at Con this week ….

Looks like we are going to have an Informal gathering, to alleviate the con withdraws .. so

THURSDAY, JUNE 25th we will be doing our UN-CONvention(al) gathering at SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND

(preliminary meetups at the flagpoles pre-opening, or Main St Gazebo for a while after opening)
Bring your phones and text us if you cant find us (either the ACE NE Facebook chat or mine (Pete Flaherty) )

It looks like its going to be a Nice day, so bringing along your Bathing attire is probably a good option …..82 and Mostly Sunny

Remember this is NOT AN OFFICIAL EVENTt so there will not be any special perks ( NO ERT or NO food,etc) so plan accordingly..
Bring along some friends to introduce them to your coaster buddies, and have some fun in the sun …. and don’t forget to grab some ACE Business cards so we can spread the passion

I really wanted to figure out how to watch a live stream of the Banquet, but alas things get complicated and don’t always happen as anticipated … its still not 100% off the table, but we wont know till our folks get to the banquet hall …..

See you in the Queue
-Pete Flaherty
(ACE NE webmaster, and fellow enthusiast )