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Buy one/get one free offer from Quassy

Subject: All-Day Pass Sale! Buy One Get One FREE!

(http://s.rs6.net/t?e=SP1fWPALm8o&c=3&r=1) (http://s.rs6.net/t?e=SP1fWPALm8o&c=4&r=1)

Buy One All-Day Pass, Get One FREE!
Limited Time Offer!

For Every Pass You Purchase, You Will Receive One For Free! Fantastic
Holiday Gifts For Everyone
* Purchase as many as you like at $24.50 each and for every paid pass,
you will receive ONE free!
* Passes will be valid any normal operating day of the 2014 season
(July 4 excluded).
* Valid for any age, so they make great holiday gifts!
* Phone orders only! Call the park office directly at 203-758-2913 ext.
105. Offer expires at 2 p.m, Friday, Dec. 20, 2013.

Tickets not valid for group functions at the park.
Quassy Amusement Park
2132 Middlebury Road
Middlebury, Connecticut 06762
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Quassy Amusement Park | 2132 Middlebury Road | Middlebury | CT | 06762