Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

Preservation Conference Flier

The flier for the ACE Preservation Conference, August 10-12 at Six Flags
Great America, Little Amerrika and Bay Beach Amusement Park is attached.

The flier should be available on the ACE web site soon, as well as on-line
registration and a hard copy in the mail.


Rus Ozana
New England Regional Representative
American Coaster Enthusiasts
_rozana@ACEonline.org_ (mailto:rozana@ACEonline.org)
National ACE address:
1100-H Brandywine Blvd
Zanesville, OH 43701-7303
_www.ACENewEngland.org_ (http://www.acenewengland.org/)
_www.ACEonline.org_ (http://www.aceonline.org/)